- This is your  guide,  step by  step,   to build your powerful free website
Hi, since you are here, i believe then you may need to have a website and at least, you need to fix thing in you already made website, right? Whatever you need is, I am sure you will find something useful here. The idea in this page is to show the very basic steps behind building a website! I hope you will enjoy it and feel free to ask whatever you have doubt with!
  • How to make your own website.
  • Create your own website in few minutes only.
  • All what you need to know before you create your own website.
Having your website becomes such a must and an easy thing to do especially with the available how-to-do sources now over the net and for free; trying this and being involved in this sector will really benefit you, it helps in improving your skills, beside it is almost the cheapest way to express yourself, sell product…
- Learn  how  to  get  a free web hosting :                   
whatever your reason behind is, you will  have that ability to choose any kind of domains that you’re interested in, moreover having a website it’s extremely important for all business peoples and all sellers.  
Only some Few Things You Must Know Before Building a Website
How to make a website :
  • The first thing to do is to choose your website’s name, this will be your symbol and it is very important because as far as you website will be online you cannot change it otherwise you will have to start once again from the bottom, so  It’s better to make it short and relevant.
  • choose an appropriate content and a logo: if you find this difficult you can ask for some help: here is how (link to freelancer or fiverr)
- Get the adequate  website name or domain website                   
  • Buy a domain name: it is about the name you chose previously; it should be unique, simple, and easy for reading and it has to have a quit strong relationship with your topics and content, but this is one important thing here, this relationship I talked about here, it doesn’t refer to word similarity such if the website talks  about fishing, not at all, because first, if you want you website domain name looks like this then you will have to pay a lot only to buy it ( around 500$ to 1500$ ) ! so what to here: you can add letter or something significant so your domain name will looks like this:,, you can get something like this only by 7$.
- Build you website from A to  Z                                                    
  • Buy hosting services:  there is  thousand of hosting companies that sells this kind of services, you need to choose the best one for your website depending to what kind of website you are building: blog, a simple page, a forum...etc, beside: there is free method thanks to Blogger; let me show it to you.  Or you can hire a website designer if you don’t have time with a very cheap price from here (link to fiverr, freelancer)
  • Building your first page: the good news here is anyone can build his own website even if he has no background in coding; thanks to these platforms: blogger, wordpress... here you need to have a topic and you need to develop it, the minimum words you need to have per article is 500 words,; copyright matters here! So try to make your articles very unique otherwise you will banned from advertiser offers!
  • Create an email so everyone can contact you trough it.
  • Create the whole content: you should be careful about creating content on your website, you should write clear titles, clear words, articles etc... so when  users type  a word or sentence that is related to your content they  can easily find your website and here cames the SEO , another important point is that you have to summarize contents , be specific , and stick on the topic ,  because the most of the visitors like to have a quick review of information’s and get benefits from them , sometimes you should also use charts , pictures , videos  .. To clarify better and attract audience. The most important thing here is to avoid publishing others articles otherwise you will face a lot of problem especially with Google.
- Do  you need help to build your  entire website for free. Get Started !
  • Build your own niche and bring traffic to your website: with social media, SEO, paid traffic; a niche.
  • The last thing is: you can monetize your website: if you have traffic and visitors came regularly to your website to your website you can work with advertiser. And they will pay you a lot just for some space in your pages, let me show you here how to do this (click)

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