-What traffic means ?

-What traffics add to website ?                                             
A website without traffic is not a website! Whatever the reason you have behind building your website, it needs audiences and visitors. Beside, over the net there are a lot of pages with a good content but due the poor traffic strategies it has, that makes it unknown, if the purpose is commercial, the owner will have problem to get costumers, if the purpose publishing news, the number of reader will be very small and it goes like this!! So the lesson you get from here is you can’t just stop once your website is being published and expect visitors, I can even say that building a website is becoming the easiest step when you start your online business!  And the hardest one will getting traffic so you still need to work on traffic! Below I listed the most powerful tips for boosting your website traffic:  that will concern: website content, SEO, third part to bring traffic.
What means SEO: it’s an abbreviation of search engine optimization: they are simply the keys words that allow others to find you, they are summarized titles on which your article, page, website is talking about; so before going deeply you need to understand the difference between:  the in-page SEO and off-page SEO and how to build them and how to improve both of them.

-What are the most essential components of a website ?    
HEADLINES, DESCRIPTION: for this you will need to work on the KEYWORDS that will match with what audiences enter into different search engine. You can enjoy Google free tool that has a powerful hand   related to Keyword Planning, you can easily get access to it though your – beside there a lot of different website that allows you to get free trials that will be enough for you to have what you need! 
All what was involved previously is actually less than being an introduction to traffic question, I need to explain this before coming back to how to get more traffic for your website.

-What is the deference between Paid traffic and free traffic ?   
All website admins that are looking to want to have a successful online business work should choose between two traffic categories: a paid traffic and free one, or they can even use the both of them if they are able to manage it simultaneously; what does it mean the concept of traffic in online business and marketing is simply the number of visitors that you can have, so number of visitors is the traffic density that your website gets daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc. 

So for all beginners, I will present each type separately and I’ll show the positive and negative sides of each type to help you make the right decision on what will be better for you:  paid or free traffic?  
Free traffic: a lot of us consider free traffic as free visitors that you can get through community surfing exchanges which is totally wrong: a free traffic visitor has two senses:  
  1. By Traffic exchanges: it helps to improve your page ranking only some time you will be banned from advertisers especially google as this method bring fake visitors! so you may use it when you just lunch your business but once things grow I am not recommending it at all, beside this traffic exchange is not always free, here how it works:  you have first to join these communities: check this below ones, I find it the best of all time: (list of traffic exchanges) Then you need to collect credit by visiting websites and completing serveries like commenting or watching videos, after that you can buy visits to your own website and pay by the earned credits:  this will take a lot from your time and efforts as if you need thousand visits per day you will have to do two thousand visits per day this is why you will be forced to pay cash to get credit! so how this is a free traffic? 
  2. Thanks to SEO, good content: The good news here is this  method will be  available for free and it  is very powerful, you don’t have to pay anything to make people visit your website, they will have to do some efforts to come visiting your page, more than that you will have an easy categorized visitors, but the bad news, it is not easy at all due to the high frequent and quality competition that exist, for this second part you need really to understand that letters means a lot, words are the keys, and time is the password so  you have to apply  all  those three factors  properly  and only  then  you may have  a  good  result,  and  the  worst  side  is  you will get  some  result  only  after a while  so  you really need to  be  very patient !
Paid traffic means purchasing targeted traffic, at  some  point  here you will be an advertiser more than   publisher as long as  you are  interested to show your link sponsored, but  here,  you need to  work  on font page more than  content, because  the  platforms you will use  cannot  guarantee that visitors  will click your link as  all  what  they can do  is  rank your  website and at the end  the  searcher  will choose what link to click so  make it attractive the most  it  can be, what is good about this type is that you don’t have to a wait much longer to get the result, you will start quickly getting impressions then, if you are  lucky, you may  have  some click, regular visitors and then leads;  which means with the paid traffic you’ll notice that your website starts having a lot of visitors in a very short time, from the other hand, what’s bad about this kind is that you can’t have  it  unless you have  capital so  for  beginners  that  may  be difficult, advertising cost  a lot but  it deserve  more.

-How to get visitors for your website ?                                     
A classical method to get visitors becomes very easy by using social media as an example you can create a page on Facebook for example and link it your website, you can also post it on pages, you can also work on the author bio as visitors feel comfortable to check person’s productions than robot’s so write your profile and customize it, and why not to ask people and friend for recommendation. That will help a lot. 
The below list is all what you will find over the net as a way to get visitors, use 50% and start to get your daily 10K visitors! enjoy: 
  • Google tags.
  • Good and unique content.
  • Headlines.
  • Create a Bookmark Link for Your Website and tell-a-friend bottom
  • SEO and key words.
  • News trends.
  • Social media pages and widget.YouTube channels.
  • Be in touch with influencer marketing.
  • Search engine answers.
  • Forum and community’s contributions.
  • Introduce your pages:
  • Call for contribution and contacting actions.
  • Publish your production in article directories and niches directories.
  • Backlink.
  • Social media advertising
  • Make and share you free -eBook.
  • Traffic exchanges.
  • Analyze your website and check ranking continuously. 

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