Online marketing

-All what do you need to know about Online marketing:

-Introduction to Online marketing or digital marketing:
Online marketing refers to all marketing techniques used on the Internet  In order to promote your business and make it successful ,   online marketing offers the opportunity for  all business people to make widely spread business , which means being known in all over the word ,  it’s a way to build a good reputation of your work 
And then bringing customers.  in other word online marketing based on the advertising  on  the internet by the usage of different tools , methods and strategies to have a high chance  to be known and to get your business or company name out to the public . so to  achieve  all that we’ve talked about before , it’s essential to answer the question  how ?  Which means how can we start online marketing ? how it  works  ? What are the steps to  take?  
so let’s start : 

1-   Create your own website               :
First of all , I mean the first step to take  is to create your own website , it’s very essential step  , I’ll explain why ? (   to get information about  how to create your own website , please have a  look  at our article  ( website ) ).
When you decide to start online marketing and make advertising to your business you have create a space for that , this space is where you can   present   organized  information  about your business  , and provide  your products , services,  and all what can customers need to know ,  for example if you want to sell products , your website is where you can post them and write their prices , also it’s where you can write details about how can audience contact you ,

2-   Promote website by Search Engine:
In online marketing there’s what we call by SEM ( SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING ) it plays an essential role in your ability to reach audience , it’s easy to achieve all what you have to do is to write clear and high quality content and  descriptions of your business and post it on your website , this way allows your website to be found easily which means people can easily reach your website once they type any word related to your website’s content in search engines like ( GOOGLE , YAHOO  , .(give other names .. )   this is for free ,  but there’s another ways  that you can use to have quick result , I will explain how ?  as an example there’s a way that  called PPC ( pay per click )   it’s based on displaying ads on search engines so when people see that advertisement and  click on it , they directly reach to your website ,  the only thing is you have to pay the advertiser who can do that ,  you pay that advertiser for each click which exactly means pay per click .

3-   Using social medias or  websites     :
Using social medias or some websites , It’s also a very helpful way , as you know social media is used by anyone from all over the world , so wherever you’re you can make your business known in every place in world ,  it’s free you just have to know how to manage it , there are many famous social medias as an example ( FACEBOOK , TWEETER , INSTAGRAM , LINKEDIN , GOOGLE + WIKIPEDIA …  ETC )  , create account in all of them and start doing advertising by yourself , create profiles ,  create  pages on them and show your products , services , and prices , write descriptions about them , write details , and don’t forget to write a link of your website on your social media pages in order to get more visitors  and increase your traffic  . also  it will be very useful to create account on some websites like YOUTUBE and start making video and present everything and all kind of  products that you have . 
4-   Create a marketing email                :
It’s necessary to create your email marketing to contact with audience who want to ask for more details, and keep in touch with them or you can use it to send newsletter about your new business or new products you provide etc.. 

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