-All what do you need to MLM or Multi-Level-Marketing:
-Intoroduction to MLM:
Do you know that you can earn money with zero efforts ? just with you social skills !
Earn money and let your friend get benefice tow, this is the basic of a referral programs which is also the basic of MLM business.
So if you decided to make online work as your full time job you need to take all  the available opportunities, in this context  referral programs is one of the best, very risky but the profit you can make is very high.
There are several companies that will allow you earning the highest commissions on referrals. 

Definition of an MLM program or Multi level marketing business: 
MLM : Multi level marketing  is a commercial system that the  direct sale company work by ,  that system based on  paying  an extra percentage to the company’s  distributors to find new other distributors  who also goes with the same strategy of the company which means direct sales to customers .It’s like a way of encouraging distributors because they earn commission for their sales and also for the sales of their recruit  distributors . but before starting you have to take into consideration that there are two aspects of MLM, the first aspect is the distributors can make money based on their direct sales the second aspect is the distributors make money or based on numbers of new distributors that they recruit, so you have to be careful about the second aspects because we can consider it as pyramid scheme which means some participants might easily lose, it’s not always equal.

How an MLM program works : 
How it works is very easy! Once you join the community you can make commissions for every customer has joined the company thanks to you. 
once you sign up for such referral program you will get a unique link that you need to show it to others and invit them to register through it, this will be your mission and then you'llget incomes for each one that signs ! this is very simple as like this ! 
As we mentioned above Multi Level system works through recruiting distributors , you can directly apply for this job when  you find  announce  of those direct sales company  and get in on the pyramid at the beginning or you can  be recruited by another distributor who is already a participant in system and then you do the same thing ,  the distributor who will recruit you will earn money for his own sales and will also earn  a commission for your sales  , ( that distributor and also the distributor who recruited him at first called your upline .   And when you also recruit distributors you’ll earn money of them not only that but you will also earn money of each one who will be recruited through the distributors you have recruited.  It’s like a chain and all of them called your dowline or downchain.

What are the famous MLM companies  and the most popular MLM marketing agents:  
There are thousands of companies that offer a referral affiliate program. 
Below some ligit companies that pays you for real. 
  • Easy1up 
  • Adstomarket1
1. Amway
 17. Morinda
          18. Mannatech
     19. Shaklee
4. Nu Skin   
          20. Nikken
5. Isagenix        
          21. Sunrider
          22. Freelife
          23. Neways
8. ACN
          24. Juice Plus (NSA)
          25. GNLD
10. 4Life
11. Advocare
12. 5LINX
14. Arbonne
15. Xango
What are the good and bad sides about MLM business:
What’s good about Multi level Marketing is you make money easily  as you recruit  big number of people and you consider like a boss of all your dowline.  And if you already have a job you can work in MLM simultaneously with your job and have extra salary . it’s good to upgrade your communication skills as you have to talk with different people ,  not only that but it’s a good opportunity for all retired people to start their online business
What is really bad about MLM is you have to keep joining people, without stopping, it’s important to have that skills like the  ability of managing your business and convincing people to  join your chain continually  to have higher salary and keep   paying your upline or your upchain , you shouldn’t forget them .  Another thing is that your salary in Multi level marketing depends on your sales in each day and people you recruit, so if you’re aspiring to get a higher salary set specific time to online marketing and don’t neglect it.

So it is up to you now to decide about MLM project:
First you choose the appropriate company that match with your interests and you join to it under your upline , then you contact with your direct upline ( the distributor who recruited you ) or your monitor  to give your information about how the service  is going on, this period is  considers like a training period because at that time you have to know everything about that company so your monitor is the one who will help. 

After that you have to start thinking about your plan as how you’ll make your sales?  , what’s the method to choose in order to convince people and recruit them? If you already have a work be sure that you’re able to start multi-tasking job, organized your time, and then start working and doing advertising to products.

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