-All what do you need to know about Freelance Jobs world:

-What Freelancers is about:
Have you ever wanted to be a freelancer and work from home? Years ago and before Facebook appears or at least before it becomes as famous as it is now, I read an article about net future (honestly I don’t remember where and I would love if someone can tell me), it talks about one idea that will happens in the future and I am now confirming it as I am in future which that author has talked about! He explained how one day everyone will own an online page! And this become realist today thanks to social media platforms! All that is confirming one idea:  the net is the future, and I am sure one day it will be no more physical work for humans and whatever your background is, it is, now, to you to take the technology bus before that day comes!  Working from home Is one of the future faces. You need to try it and take it seriously as you may find it much better than your regular job or at least by this way your earning will grows, so a freelance work allows you to realize your dreams; became a freelancer, is becoming the person who decided to be his own boss; before, this was impossible due to the financial inconvenient as you needed a capital to start your own project but now that becomes possible and easy thanks to the virtual world. 

-Where to find jobs as freelancer:
The platforms that offer such opportunities are so many but which one to choose is a follow-up question require comparing all of these communities. Which one is better from a freelance point of view? And also from a customer point of view? Check this list of the most famous platforms for freelancers :

-What platformis the best for you:
Each one of those internet portals has its own advantage and weakness: I am almost present in all these platforms, so my point of view will be like the is honestly one of the best freelancer website, easy to be used, and easy form all sides. is a very powerful website, I like actually but it is very complicated for using especially for beginners and worst it is offering no protection for workers so it is niche of scammerFor the subsequent freelancing websites (,, and, in generally, everything is common, except: disputes related to resolution and job has a terribly easy interface, straightforward to figure links, an oversized pool of freelancers and employers, straightforward dispute resolution, nice scoring system and simple payment system for freelancers, glorious Safe pay or are freelancing internet portal that comes fully liberated to freelancers, to create an account you don’t have to pay anything. Professionally built, with glorious options and links, glorious dispute resolution system, and as I said that's freed from charge to each party, maybe is the biggest pool for freelancers from everywhere, excellent for technical and engineering jobs, and unmarvelous payment system for freelancers through variety of a true knowledgeable web portal that has modified the concept, by introducing the hourly payment system works! But, mounted value system could be a bit blemished attributable to absence of a written agreement system. It’s an honest portal with thousands of seasoned Another nice platform portal for each employers and freelancers!

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