-All what do you need to know about a android:

-Introduction to android:
Android one of the famous mobile operating system, tablets and mini computers, the android developed by google and by using it magic is no more magic.
This IO was introduced by the company Android, Inc. which was founded in Palo Alto, California in October 2003 by his owner Andy Rubin.

-What android allows you do:               
Thanks to Android, we  now,  are able to do and take  on hand a lot of things that we weren’t able to do before creating it, now you don’t need to carry your computer wherever you go, because android in your Smartphone or tables  allows you to remote and  surf through only your device, send or answer emails, get notifications when you receive emails, search for information with more  than that and  thanks to voice search tools  the concept  is has  totally changed as by just wording the  system do the rest, beside the  possibility to download apps by the use of play store as an example  you’ll find unlimited number of apps, if you like video games, you can install your prefer ones, if you ‘re tend to editing, you install one of the many apps and start editing your videos or pictures, you can also download one of video calls apps and start making call or video calls, GPS  apps  can  now  protect  kids and no more losing  valuable stuff, there are unlimited and  various other useful things  you can do depending on what you’re looking for. all what you need is just and express your imagination, you will certainly be satisfied. 

-What are the alternatives of Android:
The full question is what are the other mobile/device operating system: IOS, Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS, Tizen, Sailfish OS, Plasma Mobile.

-How android system works:                
Before going deeply here you need to understand some main concept as: Linux Kernel, OpenGL, SQL database.
anroid arch
-Sources to download android app:       
When you buy a phone / tablet, all what you need is to create a Google account or sign to it if you’re already have one, then it will start working, all your contact will be saved, and they will also have displayed when you change your phone just by signing in to you google account.

-Android coding:                                   
Don’t search more just get it and start you won app through
Do you have an idea about the “riskin”.
-What private risks you have when you are using it:
Access to all your data, record, manipulation, conversations, accounts details. all what you can imagine.  That is why before installing any app: you need to be very careful (you need to check the sources, what authorization the app is requesting) the rule is:  if you are having a free product that means you are the product.

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