How to get more traffic to your website using Backlinks, simple and effective tips to succeed your raking strategy

Introduction to the post: all what you need to know about backlinking  
This post is dedicated to traffic matter as the question number one that every webmaster or webpage owner is asking; we know all that if you don’t have traffic in your pages then they have no value, you products are not sold, your services are not promoted neither, your brand are… in generally you have nothing, while with high traffic and even if your pages content is not wrote with a high quality you have high chances to reach your goals as the big step is already done all what remain is some quick adjustment and you will get it. As I said if you have traffic search engine are taking care of you, but to get that traffic? And how others are doing it... before going deeper, let me say: the technics used are unlimited, there are free and paid, the legit and lawless…they are basically developed in parallel with search engine improvement, take note that for some methods they simply became illegal tomorrow and that will produce the opposite result you have today so this is serious and you need to take care of it.  
Webmasters are calling multiples methods to bring visitors, the most known are SEO, social media and Backlink. Let’s focus here on Backlink.
What a Backlink does mean:The standard definition 
called also inbound link or inlink; a Backlink is a posted link that redirect to a specific webpage , in general this done through comments or banners or even in articles mostly that take the backliked pages as study case or for promotions.

How search engines are dealing with  Backlinks and the traffic they produce.
This Backlink strategy to get traffic is very old, the good news here is that a lot of free related resources are available and even free hosting Backlink are easy to be find and these how the bad news was born, search engines are taking this method seriously and you can be easily punished even for unconscious actions and here how this can happen: take for example Google, if you are working with AdSeanse and somehow Google noticed that your visitors are coming from sources that have no relationship with your content category then your chances to be banned are very high. Search engine are considering linked website as one website so basically this relation are affecting your ranking as well,  if you have a backlink in a high raked website then you are basically taking part from that ranking rate, just understand it like this ! keep reading more here to understand all about how to avoid that happing!
Meet the main Backlink categories: the dofollow and nofollow backlinks.
Nofollow and Dofollow, if you are an adsense agent I recommend you to use properly Dofollow links while for others search engine Nofollow and Dofolow are generating the same result. Pay attention, while you are working with dofollow Backlink then your chances to be listed as spammer especially by google and this will happen if you are getting several Dofollow links from the same page while with Nofollow Backlinks this risk doesn’t exist 
How to get free Backlink through search engine:
Now, to find websites that support Backlink hosting for free, this will be easy thanks to search engine bar like for google, all you need to do is entering the query “(your keywords) Blog” and go toward the comments section where you will be asked to put your website and your comment, got it ?
Once your website became having high ranking rate you might start being in touch with other webmasters or website admins and just ask them for Backlink exchanges, also start building Social media pages, youtube channels and putting there your pages links… you will be just amazed.
Where to get Paid Backlinks and are they good or not ?
Can be made for life or for a specific period, whatever the duration will be make sure you are buying Backlink from website that has the same category as your otherwise this will be unnatural Backlink  
Now to get through paid method just designate the website you want a Backlink in and ask the admin to post articles, promotion.. Through the contact us page!
Three main advices to succeed you Backlinking strategy:
Search only for naturally high ranked website where to post your link.
Target only website that allow posting your link in comment otherwise you will be blacklisted by search engine.
But only websites that belong to the same categories that your pages are talking about.
Hope you enjoyed reading, this just a quick and short clarification related to backlinks, I am sure I have missed something, just fell free to mention it here.

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