How to build a very powerful keyword maps for your website

How to build a very powerful keyword maps for a website
In this articles I have collected the most effective tips that helped the most ranked websites toward  the  keywords manipulation; after reading the whole article  you will see how this is actually very easy and all what is needed for that is a few alterations and the result will be just phenomenal.
Understand the purpose behind keywords
This  a very  comment  question  by  webmaster  especially for  marketing  reason,  now,   by  the end  of  this  article  you will  be able  to  correctly  build  your own  maps. As they says understand a  problem is 50% solving it, so before go deeply in the topic lets refers to  keywords roles, keywords maps, keywords maps optimizing!

What it is the purpose from keyword for a website?
How a search engine read, hosts and receives published keywords from a specific website?
How to improve your keywords and what are the best practices?  
First looks this seems very complicated and need programming skills to implement it, guess what? This is actually very easy and everyone can master it and do great job on it , all what is needed is learning the fundamentals of SEO and you will never need to buy any consultancy services to have a better ranking based on your own keywords.
What keywords mean for a search engine?
Well keywords, as you might know are simply your websites, pages, blogs windows toward search engine. Keep in mind that thanks to keywords, you website will be correctly categorized by search engine and it will visited by the right web searchers then consulted by the adequate niches, that is mean:  it doesn’t matter how your website content is great as without keywords is just like houses without doors, and that is why some time you find some well ranked website without a good content is simply because they have a powerful keywords.
Understand it like this: search engine read website like this: I. Keywords for categorizing and II. Structure (heading, volume of content and descriptions for vulnerability analysis)
How to construct keywords for a website?
Be careful, when you are dealing with search engine you are dealing with conditional process that can accuse you or your website at any time for simple reason without giving you any chances to catch up so for a better ranking make sure to make it right at the maximum it can be.
One of the most common errors you need to avoid is:
  • The huge volume of key words.
  • The exaggerated descriptions.
  • Multiples categories and subcategories for the same page or for the same website.

The rule is to go down growthly, for example:  website is about: dogs, pages are about: dogs’ meals, keyword is: cheapest dogs meals. Got it?
How to Build your own keywords maps?
After building your own keywords tree, then you think about a good implementation ( I have already explained previously why this is important) In this final part, you will see the main area where you can put your keywords.
  • Website address:  this is number one and highly recommended, especially if your whole website is focusing about a specific topic, example: if the category is banking so is the most favorite website for this keyword.
  • Page titles: one of the fundamental things you need to know about pages is that pages are what search engine publish as a result after taping a keywords. So your web pages   need to be structured properly and it should includes your main key word and the subcategory that you need to be ranked through: example if your key words if about Microsoft then the pages should be like this: Microsoft Excel.
  • Meta description: very important especially when your website will be analyzed by search engines, 150 words is the optimal volume you need to have   for page description, one the very common errors made by webmasters is pasting the whole page content in the page description but guess what, if you will do the same, you simply will be marked as spammer and then you can say high to ranking. 
  • Headers, Paragraphs, image Alt tags: those are the last three areas where you have to put your keywords and the category name where you need to be ranked in like this: Headers (1 keyword, 1 category name); paragraphs (5 keywords, 1 category name) ; image Alt tags ( 1 keyword)

This will be all for the topics, just don’t look away and try to implement what I have mentioned here then tell me how you ranking goes!
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