Introduction to javascript programming 
JavaScript allows changing HTML Styles (CSS), also it helps to hid or show HTML Elements.
The JS code should be always putted between <script> and </script> tags
To call the JS code from an external file ; <script src="myScript.js"></script> to be putted in head or body
The JS files have as  extension .js.
JavaScript can "display" data in different ways:
  • In  an alert box, using window.alert().
  • In the HTML output using document.write().
  • In the HTML element, using innerHTML.
  • in the browser console, using console.log().
A JS program contains several statements or operation to be called when this program is executed.
A JS program contains: Values, Operators, Expressions, Keywords, and Comments.
Codes after d // or between /**/ are not executed and treated as a comment.

In JS a 3D drawing can be done  using the WebGL API and is also possible in  <canvas>, free platform for that :   BabylonJS and ThreeJS
All about canvas:
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