Introduction to java programming
Your first steps through java programing can start by writing simple applet or application then servlets or you may choose to learn java programing in a particular technology area.

Java is considered as the gender of almost every virtually kind of networked application or management software, web-based content, mobile devises and support, games, mobile and android applications. 
The Java developing language delivers also application portability and robust performance through almost all computing environments and area.

Two parts must be applied during the java programing process:  
  • A Java Application Programming Interface (API) (java  command library ).
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that interprets Java code into machine language.

You need to understand the java as a programming technology, as a platform and the purpose behind.

In java you need to make difference between: 
  • keywords:
  • classes:
  • Variables: Static variables, Instance variables, Method local and Method parameters, Block variables, final method variable, non-static inner class, Local variables.
  • Methods/functions: static methods and non-static methods : there also : the Build-in methods which are part of the compiler package, such as System.out.println( ) and  System.exit(0) ; there are also the User-defined methods which are created by the programmer.
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