All what you need to now about the  HTML 5
The HTML 5 new elements are : header, footer, section, article, nav, aside, figure, figcaption, time, main;so there is one rule all content putted outside these elements will be considered as default content. 
For better SEO indexing you will have to apply Microdata. 
HTML 5 and  Multimedia: 
With the HTLM 5 the video and canvas are the flashkiller:
  • For video: in order to add a video to a web page from youtube or  dailymotion.. you need to use the <iframe> + the <track> element, which is  useful for adding closed captions, subtitles, descriptions, and metadata to your videos: for subtitles you will need to use a file which has the extension webVTT – several online free tools are available  to add subtitles to a video then download the webVTT file; the text from this file can be styled using CSS  with id and class attributes.
  • For audio: to add a audio element you need to apply this one <audio controls="controls"> </audio > for web page while for app and games we use : "Web Audio API" ;you can also use the audio video stream thanks to getUserMedia API
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