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Monetizing your blog is very sensitive question; Infolinks is one of the best tools to do that. This website, I believe is one of the best In-Text advertising network. A complete Infolinks Optimization Guide 2016 is what I have for you all is in the top  Adsense: 5 Robust Alternatives.
You will be always got paid in time and the eCPM you will get is also quite impressive

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How  much  you can earn  with Infolink ?  
What  it  is important  for a  publisher  is a well understanding  of  the  earning that can  be made with  showing ads.
With infolink, this is  quite  simple and simple:
They  will pay you  for  each  engagement  from your website  site visitor  with  infolink ads.
There is no limit  for your earning with infolink and as infolink are so many this has  an impact  on  CPM also  so  your  earning depends to the  ads  your  website is showing ! – there  is  no much  data  related the  infolink also that dispatch  ads !
The calculation  method  is also  unknown !  all what is  available  ensure publisher  that  the payment  is  well done  with infolink.
If  you are  not  registered  yet  please  try  now, there Is no warm from that and  if you have  already done  I am  sure  you getting paied good. 

CPM:- Cost per thousand impressions.
eCPM:- effective cost per mille.
CPI  :- Cost per impression.
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