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-All what you need to know to get jobs on Fiverr :
fiverrFiverr is a website where  people can use it  to buy or sell services for a flat rate that goes from  $5 to $1500 and more. The service categories range from creating videos and graphics to making unique gifts to things that are simply “Fun & Bizarre.”what ever you need to be done you may find someone is doing it at fiverr.
In order to sell something on Fiverr, you have to create  a “gig,” which is a small service card to annouce what your service is about and what are your prices. Post it on the website. and then you will be notified when someone orders your service.

How  to get job from the website                      :
Step 1: Check the buyer requests on Fiverr
Once you login to your account, select (Buyer requests):  to be redirected where the buyer are posting their jobs offers. 
fiver I

Step 2: Select the best offers you can sell on Fiverr
This is the page you will have after clicking on (Buyer requests):
1: number of available offers.
2: number of jobs that you applied for.
3: two examples for buyer requests or job offers.
4: number of replies that this request has got. If you also will post to this job, just refresh and you notice that the number has changed to + 1.
5: dealines in which the buyer are requesting to get the job done.
6: number of offers posted today in Fiverr.
7: The buyer budget.
8: To click on in order to apply for the job. 
fiverr II
Step 3: Choose a the adequate gig to answer buyers on fiverr
Fiverr III

Do it  If you are here, that's means you are able to do the job; 
You have the skills and the tools and whatever needed to get the job done !
This window that you have after clicking on (send offer);
Just select the adequate gig to reply properly to this request them press submit offer. 

Step 4: Write an attractive message to hunt jobs on fiverr
Fiverr IV
Now is a new window to be filed.  
The purpose here will be to form your offer and to give notice the buyer that you are the one how can do it;
Within a specific number of hours and for how much money.

As you can see in the picture   =>

I added a  simple welcome message and then I mentioned my condition that are pretty adequate with the buyers.

Step 5: Check how your message looks from the buyers views on fiverr
At the end you can check and make sure your offers has been sent correctly  through the bellow window.
Fiverr v
At this point, replying to the buyer request is done correctly, all what you have to do here is waiting for the his feedback and then if you are lucky the job will be assigned to you  ! 

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