Build you first blog with blogger! 

in this section i would like to share  some amazing tips related to blogger, the platform is just amazing with no limit options, if you are new you may find the below steps very interesting, for the other check out the rest ! 

Create a website with Blogger for free: 

Blo 8

Blogger, is just one of the most wonderful free platform online, everyone can use it and can benefit from the huge number of the advantages that offers. 

Whatever your business is you can apply blogger and then just start with it.

How to create a blog/website using blogger:
The idea behind blogger is based on the fact that everyone needs his own website, so as everyone has an email, this will be the key to their website.Blogger offers to everyone has a Gmail account, an easy way to create a website, beside, you don’t need to be a programmer or and an online expert for that.

Step to create your own website in 3 minutes: 

1.      Create a Gmail account:
If you have already an account you can use it unless if that account is dedicated to other thing different to what you up to do in your website. Beside you may be interested to create a new account and customize it to go perfectly with  the business you are here for.
2.      Go to Google App and activate Blogger:
Blog 7

-Each chrome browser gives you access to some free apps associated to your Gmail account;  one of this apps is Blogger.  

- To get into Blogger, flow this picture. 

- In same time, you may be interested to check out the other apps that you right to have it as you are an Gmail owner- is really amazing.
- For Blogger, the Icon is the big B marked with orange color, just click on it and you your blogger ass will be activated.

3.      Create a new Blog:
Blog 6
To create your blog, you need to click on the button (New blog), otherwise  if you have already a blog you will find it listed in the page as shown below; ( there are two blogs : Blog N°I and N°II ). 
4.      Setup your blog:
Now you have an online space for you, you need to give it a name and a domain name. this will be done through the below window that you will got once you click on (New blog) as explained above. you may find the name you chose was already used that why you need to thing about a unique, simple and easy name to be rememberedand to be more attractive, and got a relationship with the content of your website. 

Remember, that can be done only one time for a blog !
Then here comes the best part : select a template for your website: and that what make everyone able to create a website as this part allows to non programmer to have a website.

Blog 4

Once all will be done - click on (create a blog)- then your website is online-check below our website!
Blo 3

5.      Add content to your blog:
The final part is adding content, whatever you have in mind you can here, publish it online. for that all what you need to do is:
  • Go to blogger again.
  • Click on edit your blog-see the below picture-.
Blo 2
Give a title to your post and write the content, you can add also some media (video- picture..) you have all the ability to work on your HTML code, if may need to customize it somehow.

Blo I
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